As registered member of the legally recognized professional association for acupuncture EUFOM, it is possible that your sickness fund reimburses partially the cost of acupuncture treatments administered by Sven Steyt . The rules for reimbursement (number of treatments and amount) vary per insurer. Please contact your sickness fund for further information.

Some insurance companies also reimburse expenses of acupuncture treatments beyond the reimbursement of your sickness fund (before and after hospitalisation, sports injuries or accident at work). Please contact your insurance company for further information in this matter.

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    Treatments and consultations by appointment only. A patient is treated on the basis of medical data and western scientific diagnosis. It is always the treating doctor who has to make the western diagnosis. Therefore it is possible that I refer you first to your treating physician for further examination before starting a treatment. It is recommended that the patient always keeps contact with the treating physician within the framework of the western diagnosis and the follow-up of the pattern of complaints.